Culture Business Investment Office between World and China

Trade in China Culture Business Promotion Center is Sino Foreign cooperative organization established in 2005, specializing in culture exchange, academic research, business consulting, market development, investment and acquisition between World and China, we have 14 years successful running experience with foreign public company and government organization, including business partners, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, experts, educators, we can help our partner for their global placement and market entry, assistance in project development and provision of EPC contractor, especially in Bulk Commodity, Infrastructure Sector, Clean Energy, Electric Power, Artificial Intelligence, Life Science,Advanced Agriculture.
With 4 offices in main city of China and hundreds distributor structure, we offer foreign company and organization a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for business exchange, service outsourcing, channel development, sales and marketing, especially assisting high-tech companies to enter Chinese market and represent their China operation, we also help venture capital and PE investments in high-tech JV companies with a "China Angle", for more info please contact .


Project Investment 项目投资: Utilizes a consortium that finances development of large scale Energy projects. TradeinChina has connections to reputable Chinese EPC Company, European and American Insurance Companies, Pension Funds and Investment Banks. Together with them and private Investors procure the financing for undertaking development of Energy Projects, both renewable and conventional, ranging from $50m - $500m.

Project Consulting 项目咨询: Proposed and billed on a per-project and per-milestone basis, project consulting offers partner a way to introduce their products and to solve specific problems. Consulting Specialists assist with design, layout, specification, selection, helping foreign partner to implement specific project and carry out after service in China.

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